Potential Title Problems in a New Jersey Foreclosure

There are many possible title problems that can arise during a New Jersey foreclosure. While not all errors will be considered title problems, there are some things you should look for. One issue is the discovery of judgment liens on the property. These liens are attached to the property after the suing party wins the case. If the judgment is invalid, a new lien can be filed for the property.

There are several different ways to handle potential title problems in a foreclosure. One way is to seek mediation. You can request mediation through the court system. You will be served with the summons and complaint. In most cases, the process will not stop until the defendant files an answer. However, if the defendant does file an answer, it is not an automatic stay of the foreclosure. It is possible to ask the court to appoint a special master.

In addition to seeking legal assistance, you can also seek assistance from a HUD-approved housing counselor. They can provide you with the necessary resources to fight the foreclosure and protect your rights. If you think you’re facing foreclosure, contact a local foreclosure attorney to discuss your options. They can provide you with sample forms and instructions on how to respond to these documents. So, you can make an informed decision about your legal rights.

In order to be able to fight a foreclosure, you must know the timeline. In New Jersey, a mortgage holder must notify you in writing of their intent to foreclose on your property at least 30 days prior to filing a complaint in court. Otherwise, you may face extra expenses, including attorney’s fees. If you do not act within the deadline, you could even be sued by the lender.

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