The Knutsford Knycemic (KN95) masks are used for respiratory protection in special circumstances such as air pollution and other particles. They are made of a soft vinyl material that can be applied to the face and easily wiped off. These masks are not only available for the protection of the patient but also for personal safety. As they are designed for use by special forces, they feature cutouts and ear pieces of various colours that are specially created to identify the wearer. However, there are other important facts that one must know before buying such masks. More info –

How To Make Your Product Stand Out With Kn95 Masks

The KPIs or logistic and pricing of these masks are based on several factors such as – the size of the particles to be picked up, type of particles to be picked up and the type of mask to be used. There are various types of them that are based on these factors. If one selects a mask that is too small, chances are more that they will not be able to handle the particles at all. On the other hand, if they select a mask that is too large, chances are that it will not fit properly. This leads to the particles not being picked up by the device. Thus, one should buy the correct sized kn95 masks for their specific purpose.

Another important thing to know about the KPIs of these masks is that they have been measured based on the 0.1 microns of particles and hence, the higher the value is, the better the fit. In order to get a perfect fit, one should measure the surface area of their nose. Thus, a smaller nose size will result in a weaker fit while a larger nose size will result in a stronger fit. There are many stores that deal with the manufacturing of such personal protective equipment and it is better to compare different stores for finding the best deal.

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