Vanquis cards are aimed at people with poor credit ratings and are designed to help you rebuild your credit score. They also offer a wide variety of options. The credit limit is initially set at a low level, but can be increased if you meet the requirements.

How much can I withdraw from my Vanquis credit card?

Applicants can apply online and get a decision within 60 seconds. They can then receive the card within two weeks.

Alternatively, you can call Vanquis on their customer service number. You can use the service to inquire about your credit rating, your financial products, or any other technical questions. If you have forgotten your user ID or password, they can help.

Vanquis offers loans and credit cards to more than four million customers in the UK. It is a subsidiary of the Provident Financial Group. In 2018, the company settled all outstanding regulatory issues with the Financial Conduct Authority.

Vanquis has won the Moneyfacts Consumer Award for Credit Builder Card Provider of the Year. This award has been won for four years in a row.

Customers praised the app, which makes it easy to manage their accounts. Moreover, they said the app was useful for staying within the credit limit.

Vanquis also has a Visa card, which can be used overseas. Customers can pay for foreign currency at restaurants and hotels, and take it from ATMs. A non-sterling fee of 2.99% applies to all foreign transactions.

In addition to loans and credit cards, Vanquis offers online banking services. Users can manage their accounts, pay off purchases, and even access their statements.

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